About Jonny

Some of my earliest memories are reading about the Flying Dutchman and similar unexplained mysteries.  I lived on the ocean and loved to watch the storms come in.  Apparently a ship had been wrecked right where our houses were a hundred years before.   Were their ghosts of sailors in our house?  I was sure there were and heard footsteps and my bedroom door would be open after I closed it.  Probably an overactive imagination but it created my fascination with all things that go bump.  More recently having lost people close to me over the years it is more about trying to find out what comes after.

I enjoy the investigation, the anticipation and camaraderie of exploring the unknown.  But what I really love is reviewing the evidence and catching something, a voice or sound.  Carefully cleaning up that audio until it is revealed, it is such a buzz.

I love to spend time with my family, read, watch movies, travel and  cook, if I can do all at once so much the better.   I have a fanciful imagination and my wife does a great job of grounding me so we make a great team.

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