About Seth

I originally started out investigating in Mitchell, SD almost 15 years ago. We were a group of guys looking for something new to try and when one of the guys said the place he worked was haunted, we were all up to the thrill and challenge of finding a ghost. Our first paranormal investigation was mildly successful with a very nice class "A" EVP caught on tape. At that point, one of the guys decided that was enough for him, and left the group. That only left two of us. Both of us were into what we were doing, but neither one really had any guidance or idea how to go about it. We had a few small investigations after that, but nothing to top our first one. This also brought somewhat of an end to Ghost Hunters of Mitchell. I was looking to move to Grand Forks, ND and found out that the guy I was investigating with was in it for nothing more than the thrill. He was actually thinking about quitting before I told him I would be moving because he was in it for the thrill, which in his mind, there was none.

Even though he gave up on it, I had my own reasons and drive for diving deeper into learning about the paranormal. With my move to Grand Forks, the investigations really became few and far between. I decided to spend this time learning more about the paranormal and different techniques for investigating. Although I didn't really get a chance to put any of these new techniques to use, I didn't let that stop me from visiting with different people who had had their own experiences in the paranormal.

In August of 2008, Justin and I began talking about paranormal. He was intrigued with what I told him about the paranormal and also shared some stories of his with me. At that time, we also started talking about and planning a way to form an investigation team. That plan wasn't fully realized until late in 2009 when we finally formed a team and did our first investigation.

When I'm not working on research, investigating, or working my day job, I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, fishing, and being outdoors during the summer.

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