These two photos were submitted recently. The person who submitted these two photos has asked that they and the location of these photos remain anonymous. Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.


These are the two original photos as submitted to us. The first is a day light shot and the second is of the exact same spot at night. Both were taken with the same night vision trail camera.

Now I know that the night shot is kind of hard to see, so I have done some work to clear it up and make it more visible by layering the two images together. Below is a progression from 50% day/50% night, all the way to 0% day/100% night.

50% day, 50% night

30% day, 70% night

20% day, 80% night

10% day, 90% night

0% day, 100% night. This is what the night shot came out as after I enhanced it. Feel free to email me any questions, comments, or opinions about these photos.


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